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Every morning, check your body
composition right at home on the
InBody Dial!

Size : 310.3 (W) X 356.4 (L) X 58.3 (H) mm



Turn the Dial, Turn Your Body
It’s not a smart scale. It’s InBody(body composition analyzer).
Your health is divided into before and after turning InBody Dial.

Every morning, check your body composition right at home on InBody Dial!

The weight never can’t tell if your body is healthy. What you must pay attention to is not your weight but your body composition.
Find the BALANCE of body composition for a healthy body with InBody Dial. InBody Dial (InBody H20B) is a home-use body composition
analyzer which utilized InBody’s patented technology.

InBody Test (Body Composition Analysis) : Motivated by InBody
InBody Dial measures your body fat, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.
Measuring your body fat percentage allows you to better gauge your health, helping you motivate and achieve your fitness goals by bringing that percentage down.
Simple and Easy Operation
The intuitive dialing interface is easy to use for children and adults of all ages.
All you have to do is just press and turn the dial button.
By just entering your height, accurate examination is available without any additional information. (No need to enter gender or age, just enter your height and let InBody Dial do the rest.)
Quick and Accurate measurement
The Unique world-wide patent-protected InBody measuring technology of body composition provides the accurate result.
InBody medical grade standards in 70 countries in the world. The accuracy and reliability of InBody recognized by the world’s best scholars. The world’s best accuracy, preciseness, reliability, and sensitivity.
  • - Accuracy: precise measuring of impedance by part
  • - Preciseness: measuring of simultaneous multi-frequency impedance
  • - Reliability: 8-point touch electrode method
  • - Sensitivity: Exclusion of empirical parameters
So, you can see the key components of your body; Weight, Body Fat (Percent Body Fat), Muscle (Skeletal Muscle Mass) and Visceral Fat Level.
Track Your Progress (Smart Data Management)
Manage your body composition data cumulatively via InBody App.
When you make improvements based on that data, you’ll be empowered to reach goals never before possible.
Track Your progress with the smart InBody App!
InBody App provides your body composition change report. Your InBody score is shown in graph. Pay attention to the changes in your body. You can download InBody App in Google Play Store or App Store.


Weight Measurement
After turning on InBody Dial, your weight is measured by standing on the scaffold.
(InBody Dial automatically adjusts to zero each time the power is turned on.)
InBody Test
After turning the dial to adjust your height, the InBody Test will start.
How to use the InBody Dial
Measure your weight, muscle, and fat levels with InBody Dial by following these 4 steps.
Step 1. Press the dial button to turn on InBody Dial
Step 2. Turn the dial button to enter your height.
Step 3. Standing on the scaffold with bare foot, take a stance as below figure.
Step 4. Check the result.
Measurements 10 impedance measurements 2 frequencies at each the 5 segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
Test Duration 5 seconds
Weight Range 10 ~ 150 kg
Height Range 50 ~ 300 cm
Dimensions 310.3 (W) X 356.4 (L) X 58.3 (H) : mm
Color Soft White
10~40 ℃, 30~75% RH, 70~106kPa
DC 6.0 V (1.5 V AA battery 4 EA)

Measurement Item Height, Temperature, Humidity
Height Range 50 ~ 200cm
Error Range ± 0.5cm
Other Measuring
Temperature 16 ~ 40℃ (± 1℃)
Humidity 30 ~ 80% (± 7%)
1 sec. (Max. 7 sec.)
Sensor Ultrasound Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor
Below 100mA
DC 3V (1.5V AAA Battery 4EA)
Display Type LCD
Colors Green, Pink, Blue, Grey
Dimension 43(W) X 44(L) X 300(H): mm
Device Weight 238g
16~40℃, 30~80%RH

* Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice

1) Make sure there must be no obstacles between ultrasound sensor and floor.
2) Do not measure height on the carpet or the blanket. Floor must be solid and flat ground.
3) Keep the device out of the reach of children when you don’t use it.
4) Keep the battery away from your child’s mouth.
5) Keep the device away from water and fire.
6) Do not drop or put too much pressure.
7) Do not bring InKids to the hot place or close to the air conditioner all at once. Ultrasonic wave changes the speed in accordance with the ambient temperature.
8) If there is foreign material on the device, do not clean it with water, just wash it with clean towel.
9) Keep the battery separately if you are not willing to use device for a long time.
10) InBody does not cover the warranty if you disassemble device arbitrarily.

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