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Q Power is not on
A - Power cord is disconnected or power adapter’s line is plugged out. Please check the connection of power cord or power adapter.
- Power fuse is disconnected. Please replace the power fuse.
- Contrast is adjusted at an incorrect level. Adjust it using the light adjustment switch at the back of InBody.
Q Result sheet is not printing, or the pages are not clear
A - Printer cable is disconnected. Please check the printer cable`s connection.
- Printer setup is incorrect. Please check your settings in the Administrator Menu
- The number of pages to print is set to 0. Please check your settings in the Administrator Menu
- It does not work if the connection with printer is not ready. Please reset the power.
- It is out of printer ink or toner. Please replace them.
Q Result Sheet is printing misaligned
A - Result sheet paper is not inserted to the printer properly. Please check if the result sheet paper is inserted at the center.
- Print alignment is not properly configured. Please check the printer setup in SETUP mode.
- Result Sheet has not been setup properly. Please check Result Sheet setup in SETUP mode.
Q Test does not work.
A - Your hands and feet are too dry to conduct the test due to keratins. Please provide enough moisture to your hands and feet using our InBody Tissue
- Your posture is not proper for test. Please refer to the posture recommended for test.
- Your feet and hands are not properly connected to the electrodes. Please refer to the proper test method.
- Test is suspended temporarily due to external factors such as static electricity. Please restart your InBody.
Q Test result is not accurate.
A - Your personal profile may be inaccurate or invalid.
- Your posture is not proper for test. Please check the recommended posture and try again.
Q Reproduced test result is different.
A - The posture for measurement may not have followed procedure. Please check the recommended posture and try again.
- The test can be inaccurate if you are testing after exercise, therapy, or sauna. Please refrain from these activities prior to testing.
- The external environment can also affect test results. Please try again.
Q Screen is difficult to read.
A - Applicable only to the InBody230.
Q Weight measurement is not working, or the weight measurement data is not accurate.
A - Error occurred during initial setup. Restart the InBody and remove any weight from on top of the footplate.
- Unit setup was not done properly. Please check the unit setup in Setup mode.
- The InBody is off balance. Please adjust the height of the InBody to balance it.
- Other objects such as carpet may be affecting the measurement.
- Weight measurements may be off due to external factors. Please restart the InBody
Q Data transfer from Lookin’Body to InBody is not working.
A - The InBody’s Lookin’Body setup is incorrect. Please refer to user manual, check if Lookin’Body is set up properly in SETUP mode.
- Lookin’Body’s communication port setup is incorrect. Please change the port in Lookin’Body’s SETUP.
- Communication cable that connects InBody and PC is unplugged or damaged. Please check each communication cable’s connection status.
- Lookin’Body communication cable is connected to incorrect port of InBody. Please check if it is properly connected.
- PC’s communication port may be damaged. You may want to contact your PC manufacturer.
Q Outer device cannot be connected
A - The InBody’s outer device setup is incorrect. Please refer to user manual and check if it is set up correctly in SETUP mode.
- Communication cable that connects InBody and outer device is unplugged or damaged. Please check each communication cable’s connection status.
- Outer device communication cable is connected to an improper port of the InBody. Please check if it is connected properly.
Q It does not play the sound.
A - It is set up in mute mode. Please check the sound setup in SETUP mode.
Q Button does not work on touch screen.
A - Unit setup is incorrect. Please check the unit in QUICK mode.
- Touch screen’s location setup is not aligned. Please set up coordinates according to the following steps.
- Turn off the power. When you turn on the power, you will see self-adjustment screen.
Press the center of the screen until the screen changes. Press the center of + at the top of right side using stylus pen until you hear the sound.
Press the center of + at the bottom of left side using stylus pen until you hear the sound.
When the setup is properly set, power will be reset and self-adjustment screen will appear.
Q Error message appears.
A - error message① "Remove the object on the step.“
This message appears when you put an abject on the step before warming-up is completed after power-on. Remove the object from the step and turn on the power again.

- error message② "Your private information is not valid.“
You provided invalid data in age and height section. Please check the allowance range.

- error message③ "Wipe your hands and feet with electrolyte tissues.“
This message appears when the contact between hands and feet with electrodes is not proper due to dry hands and feet or plenty of keratins that disturb the test. Check your posture for measurement and try again after wiping your hands and feet with provided wet tissues.

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